Closed, over-ear headphones
  • Recommended retail price: 149.00 / piece
  • Brand website: Magnat LZR


Not enough for you? You want excellent sound but no tangled cables? Understandable. The solution: Bluetooth & aptX! The LZR 588 BT is the Bluetooth version of the LZR 500 range. The LZR headphones with wireless freedom – and built-in battery! And the sound performance? Full, dynamic and powerful as usual! The look? Fresh with a touch of elegance: Black vs. silver or Silver vs. Orange. Price/performance Unbeatable!


  • Integrated high-performance lithium-ion battery: lasts up to 19 hrs, rechargeable via USB in less than 2 hrs
  • Integrated high-precision stereo amplifier with Bluetooth® and aptX® for best sound quality
  • When the battery is empty, the headphone can be operated via the supplied audio cable
  • Bluetooth operation from many smartphones via control elements on the headphone
  • Built-in wind-protected precision microphone for hands-free operation in excellent quality
  • High-quality leather and soft-feel-paint surfaces


"...on the whole the Magnat one presents itself wellbalanced - and perfectly manages to offer pleasant playback which is lively-dynamic but can be enjoyed even over long sessions at the same time."

(HiFi Vision, 02/2016)

+ Good feel
+ Warm sound
+ Secure, comfortable fit

Test review (SFT, 02/2016)


"Excellent feel, high technical quality and an appealing, untiring sound that is right at the top of this price class. An honest, likeable and very practical Bluetooth® headset."

Test review (ear in, 01/2016)

Design: 88%
Finish: 86%
Installation: 94%
Function: 93%
Price/Performance: 94%
Overall score: 91%

"In this price category, it's a clear thumbs up for the Magnat LZR 588BT headphones."

Test review (XboxUser.de, 12/2015)


"The Magnat LZR 588 BT offers an attractive look, good material quality, impeccable wear comfort and vibrant, powerful acoustics at an economical purchase price. Other advantages include the long battery life and stable Bluetooth connection.."

+ Stable Bluetooth signal transmission
+ Very good wear comfort
+ Powerful, vibrant sound
+ Good finish
+ Economical purchase price

Test review (area dvd, 09/2015)


"Magnat only entered the headphone sector in 2014 - and it‘s now presenting its first Bluetooth version. A step that can only be described as a „complete success“. The LZR 588BT is set to cost CHF 149.-. For comparison, the LZR 580 wired version costs CHF 119.-. The price-performance ratio is fantastic, the sound is thoroughly impressive, the connection is stable, the battery life of more than 21 hours is outstanding, the design is timeless and elegant. Other advantages: Operation via the buttons in the ear cups is extremely practical. As is the fact that the headphones can be folded to save space. They also sit perfectly on your head and eliminate annoying background noise.
All in all, the LZR 588BT headphones are an absolute highlight for me; the only negative aspect is that I‘ve got to give them back again..."

Test review (lite-magazin.de, 09/2015)