BC 700

Battery charger with digital display
  • Recommended retail price: 64.90 / piece

BC 700

The intelligent Charger is a microprocessor controlled charger with single channel control. Every inserted rechargable battery can be controlled individually by a single display, which shows: voltage, current, accumulated mAh, charging/discharging time and capacity in mAh at the end of test modus.

Every channel can be set with different modes (Charging, Discharging, Refresh, Test) and different charging / discharging capacity.

NiCd and NiMH

Selectable charge current 200 / 500 / 700 Ultra Fast Chargable Individually supervision of every Accu Microprocessor controlled, minus delta V (-dV) detection, automaticly switch to trickle charge

Overheat detection for protecting rechargable batteries

Discharge then Charge to remove memory effect

Special Accu Care Program for rechargeable batteries to activate tired Accus (by discharging and charging cycles)

Accu – Test in real figures


  • Dimensions: 75 x 37 x 129mm
  • Input voltage for AC/DC Adapter: 100-240 VAC
  • Charge current (selectable): 200/ 500/ 700mA
  • Maximum charge capacity (capacity of the rechargeable batteries): 3000mAh
  • For NiCd, NiMH rechargeable batteries (AAA Micro, AA Mignon)

Note: Rechargeable batteries not included